A cunningly disguised stick foundage from Whetherby so straight over to the finder of said cunningly disguised stick foundage for some vital background and not quite so vital foreground (for those of you viewing this blog through 3D glasses) on this cunningly disguised stickage of the found kind.

"Here is a stick I found hiding in the apple tree in my girlfriends front garden in Whetherby - but it has over done the disguise by holding an apple and I know for a fact that in the last six years this tree has not produced a single apple."
DJ Frogs

Thank you Mr. Frogs for spawning this untimely stick picture that has caused a great stirring of self interested interest and the rest here at the found a stick foundary home of found a stick.  Firstly we will blindly assume in an unassuming way  that the DJ in your name stands either for Derek Jacobi or John Simms (though we discounted the second straight away for obvious reasons) So if we are correct in the first then we are glad to see your stutter has got a lot better Nextly your photograph was of great and not so great concern in the fact of the matter that it appears to prove that Sir Issac Olivia Newton John was talking a load of horse feathers and that gravity did not in fact exist. In a mild and slightly disenfranchised panic we contacted the world's leading authority Professor Mucus Plug for some worthless reassurance in this panic that your fine picture had made us do and he calmly pointed out and about that if this fine picture did indeed prove that gravity did not exist then we would have all fallen straight off the planet and into space in consquence, except those of us indoors who would have only fallen as far as the ceiling and then thanks to the wise instruction of the singer Lionel Richtea we would be now dancing on the ceiling. That neither of either of this events have occuringly occured we will have to conclude that the Beatles never should have had their own record label and leave it at that.Thank you DJ Frogs for stirring up such a hornets nest of many headed discussion and mass debate with your found stick of such earthly delight...though we suggest you do not attempt to consume this apple at your girlfriend's suggestion because that would cause the pair of you to be cast out of the garden of eden that Whetherby surely is.