Thursday, 16 February 2012

More dream grabs but what do they mean...

Mucus Plug here. I've been having more vivid dreams recently and while they all seemingly seem unrelated but then again and then not again they seem related in an unrelated sort of way, though may hap more unrelated in a related sort of thingybob doodle domp. I have swiftly and with little thought done some smashing dream grabs using my dream grabber device of some note but little consequence that that scoundrel Applehead Bilko stupidly lost to me in a stout hand or thrice of canasta during the celebrations last Tweeklemas Eve to see if anyone or anything or maybe your beloved pets can see a relationship or an unrelationship betwixt and betweenage delinquent and betty whiteteness to them because, to be both frank and candid as only a frankly candid person of my eminent sitting can be I myself see none whatsoeverandeveramen.

Is this supposed to mean something?

What is going on here?

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