Monday, 30 November 2009

Stick 12 update

Those of you with a short memory will surely recall Basil Wendal of Milton Keynes England had found a stick to kindly share with us. Unfortunately Basil could not quite recall where he had found the stick in question. "I can't quite recall, I found it a few weeks ago somewhere..." he admitted at the time. The good news is he has since recalled where he found said stick and is confident enough in the reality of the memory to now share with us the whereabouts of the stick he has found. (Hence the necessity of this update.) So tell as Basil where did you find a stick?

By the bottle banks located behind Morrisons the supermarket.

Thanks Basil for taking the time to recall this hitherto lost stick finding memory and sharing it with us. We can rest easy now that the mystery of where you found a stick is solved.

Sticks 19 and 20 and 21 and 22 and 23 and 24

A rather verbose young lady Amelia Dillingham from Crouch End England has found some sticks. Tell us Amelia just where you found your sticks and the exceptional curcumstance in which you found your sticks.

Dear Sirs at Found A Stick, let me share with you my great news, I have had a day of what stick finding legends are made from. A veritable orgy of sticks if you will. The first picture I send you is in my local park, I was walking through with my dog, eating some rather delectable chips bought not five minutes hence from a nearby and much favoured fish and chip emporium when, stone me, a rather fetching amount of sticks are thrust into my gaize, much like I venture, the poet Wordsworth coming upon a host of daffodills all those many years ago. Obviously I reached for my camera to capture this once in a lunchtime golden moment.

The second picture is I dare to think a truly astonishing picture. Showing three sticks, all rather fine solo specimens themselves, lined up on a double yellow line. I know a doubting thomas or those of a sceptical nature will claim this picture is in some way manufactured, doctored mayhap by adobe photoshop 2.5 or some other such slight of hand contrivance but I tell you now, without let or hinderence sirs, that this is not the case. These sticks were exactly like this when I found them, in the road outside my local park. So you can imagine my merriment when I write you this email. Indeed what a day.

Yes indeed a day of much stick finding wonderment. Thank you Amelia for sharing not only these fine pictures of found sticks but also your memories and explanation of sticks you have found for us here at Found A Stick.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Stick 18

Paul Punter of Brighton England has found a most interesting stick. A traditional and very pleasing curved stick brought to life by a captivating V formation at the end. Paul where did you find this traditional and very pleasing curved stick brought to life by a captivating V formation at the end?

Outside my backdoor.

So not far to travel then Paul? Just goes to show that finding a stick can be a localised event as well as an event that occurs further afield. Thanks paul for sharing your traditional and very pleasing curved stick brought to life by a captivating V formation at the end, with us.

Stick 17

Gareth Flavell of Holloway London has found a stick recently. Where did you find a stick Gareth?
I found a stick on the pavement outside the Holloway Road branch of Percy Ingle the bakers.
Very nice stick find Gareth and outside the branch of Percy Ingle on the Holloway Road? Well Gareth you might enjoy the sister blog to Found A Stick, My Percy Ingle Holloway Road Branch Blog. Check the blogroll to the right for the link to take you there. Thanks for sharing your stick find Gareth.

Stick 16

Mary Mullens of Hull England has found a stick. Tell us please Mary just where did you find a stick?
In the gutter by the local cinema, I had just been to see the new George Clooney film The Man Who Stared At Goats and did not like it much at all. My disappointment was made better when i found this stick on the single yellow line as I was leaving.

Sorry the film was not so good Mary and thanks for the stick.

Sticks 13,14 and 15

George Smethurst of Sunderland England found three sticks within a few minutes of each other down by the railway line at the back of his house. This veritable stick finding bonanza he credits to the recent stormy weather but we here at Found A Stick put down to the most wonderful luck. He could not decide which of the trio of found sticks to submit so he sent us all three for us to decide and we think all three are worthy of inclusion, each for it's own reason. Firstly the above stick has clearly been played with by a dog, witness the chew marks in the middle. So our first Dog Stick here at Found A Stick.

This next found stick is only the second to feature a forked end here at Found A Stick but the first to have said fork at the left end (the previous example has it's on the right.)

And lastly easily the biggest stick so far, by the looks of this beauty you could easily fend off an attack from a rabid moongoose with ease. Thanks George for sharing your triple stick find.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Stick 12

Basil Wendal of Milton Keynes England has found a stick to kindly share with us. So where did you come across this stick then Basil?
I can't quite recall, I found it a few weeks ago somewhere but until I stumbled across your blog I had no way of sharing my found stick with anyone outside of close family and friends. Thank you.
No thank you Basil and happy to be of some help. A shame you cannot recall where you found the stick, if your do remember at some point just let us know and we'll post an update. That's what we are here for at Found A Stick, the blog for all your stick finding needs.

Stick 11

Lucy Weatherspoon of Brighton England has found a rather dynamic stick for us to see. Where did you find this rather dynamic stick Lucy?

In the car park on the way to the beach.
Very fine stick finding from Lucy don't you think?

Stick 10

Monty Whittington who lives on the Isle Of Wight found a rather nice stick. Where did you find your most pleasing looking stick Monty?

On my garden path near the front gate.

Well that just goes to show you can find a stick in the most expected as well as unexpected places. Thanks Monty.

Stick 7 and Stick 8

Frankie Spangle of Newcastle England found not just one but two sticks. A double whammy stickwise. So Frankie where did find the first of your two sticks?

On the road outside my Nan's house.

And where did you find the second of your two sticks?

Also outside my Nan's house...but on the next day.

Excellent find of not one but two sticks on consecutive days by Frankie, a man it seems who knows a thing or two about finding sticks.

Stick 6

Jessica Rumbsy of Enfield England has found at stick. Where did you find this stick Jessica?

I found it in the car park behind the charity shop where I help out on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Thanks for taking the time to share your stick find with us Jessica

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Stick 5

Samantha Reddy of Tring England has found a rather splendid stick to share with us. I do believe it is the first stick on Found A Stick to feature a two pronged end. So just where did you find this rather splendid stick Samantha?

I was in my garden putting some food out on the bird table when I looked down and found a stick

Thanks Samantha not just for the photo of the rather splendid stick you found but also for your spell binding story of just how you found it

stick 4

Bob Beanfold of Hendon, England has found a stick it seems. Tell us Bob where did you find this stick?
On the Pavement outside the tube station.
Nice stick find Bob.

Stick 3

Frank Junkin from Hastings, England found a stick. Just where did you find this stick Frank?
I found this stick in my local park.
Brilliant thanks for sharing the stick you found with us Frank.

Stick 2

Martha Wellington from Cambridge, England found a stick.
Where did you find this stick Martha?
On the grass by my driveway.

Very nice Martha, thankyou.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Have You Found A Stick?

Name: Mick Dillingham London England
Where the stick was found: On the pavement just down the road.

Recently I found a stick (see above photo). Have you had a similar experience? If so here at Found A Stick we want to know about it. If you have found a stick and wish to share this with us then simply send me a jpeg of the stick you have found to the email address located to your right, with your name, your location and just where you found the stick. It's as easy as that.