Thursday, 12 July 2012

Funky Love Leathers

Ah how we hardly recall the days of our mis-spelt yuoth when life was so less in the past than it is now and shops would close half-day on a Thursday. How large and speckled were the dreams that we dreamed and dreamt would one day would be ours or at least if not ours then belonging to someone who had a life in which electric kettles never once caused any problems but served only as solutions for the boiling of water, possibly for tea, possibly also for filling a welcome hot water bottle to cuddle up to while listening to one of the least iconic albums of no time at all..Funky Classified by the legendless Funky Love Leathers, a musical combo of such intricate brevity that just mentioning them makes the hares at the back of the field stand on end..there by allowing the tortoise to not only catch them up but by doing so brings wisdom to an otherwise really rubbish fable and therefive proving once and for less time that you would think that music is the message and the message is "unexpected item in the shagging area..please remove the item before continuing." Basically what I am half heartedly and with little bother trying to tell you is this: Do not keep your socks on when making sweet sweet love unless specifically requested to do so. And that is all your getting here leave me be or not to be.
The even less remarkable second album

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  1. Oh those were the days, I miss those Chicken In A Basket days.
    I've been mithering the record company to re-release these club, well British Legion, Classics.

    Who can forget "Can I Come Up For A Coffee" and "Your Shoe Lace Is Undone"

    Sadly the Record Company doesn't seem that forward looking and says it couldn't afford the Pigeons to deliver any potential re-release.

    Mmm Baby Yeah!!!!