Sunday, 5 August 2012

Finally someone has Found A Stick- Found Stick No.36

And so the staff of the Found A Stick Foundry, home of Found A Stick has returned to this unreality now the spell has been broken by the arrival of a found stick, this stick being found by one Miss Scarlett of Saratoga and what a truly elegant example of found stickage it truly is as an example of in the way of elegance of a stick that has been found. Usually we encourage with much in the way of encouraging encouragement the finder of sticks to write an explaining explanation to explain just where said stick was found but in the case of the wonderful Miss Scarlett we will make an exceptional exception of exceptioness simply because she is not old enough to be able to write yet and we by inextensive research into the subject have concluded that being able to write is the foremost thing of importance when it comes to writing something. They say a picture is worth a thousand words,though Professor Mucus Plug assures us that a picture is in fact only worth eight hundred and seventy seven words but whatever the exact worth of pictures in the currency of words we think this picture serves perfectly as to informing us that wish to be informed with information as to just where said stick was found and under what circumstances said stick was also found in a way that perfectly serves in informing us as to where said stick was found and under what circumstances said stick was also found. Thank you Miss Scarlett you are a specially special ray of sunshiny sunshine of that there is little doubt.

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