Monday, 30 November 2009

Stick 12 update

Those of you with a short memory will surely recall Basil Wendal of Milton Keynes England had found a stick to kindly share with us. Unfortunately Basil could not quite recall where he had found the stick in question. "I can't quite recall, I found it a few weeks ago somewhere..." he admitted at the time. The good news is he has since recalled where he found said stick and is confident enough in the reality of the memory to now share with us the whereabouts of the stick he has found. (Hence the necessity of this update.) So tell as Basil where did you find a stick?

By the bottle banks located behind Morrisons the supermarket.

Thanks Basil for taking the time to recall this hitherto lost stick finding memory and sharing it with us. We can rest easy now that the mystery of where you found a stick is solved.

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