Monday, 30 November 2009

Sticks 19 and 20 and 21 and 22 and 23 and 24

A rather verbose young lady Amelia Dillingham from Crouch End England has found some sticks. Tell us Amelia just where you found your sticks and the exceptional curcumstance in which you found your sticks.

Dear Sirs at Found A Stick, let me share with you my great news, I have had a day of what stick finding legends are made from. A veritable orgy of sticks if you will. The first picture I send you is in my local park, I was walking through with my dog, eating some rather delectable chips bought not five minutes hence from a nearby and much favoured fish and chip emporium when, stone me, a rather fetching amount of sticks are thrust into my gaize, much like I venture, the poet Wordsworth coming upon a host of daffodills all those many years ago. Obviously I reached for my camera to capture this once in a lunchtime golden moment.

The second picture is I dare to think a truly astonishing picture. Showing three sticks, all rather fine solo specimens themselves, lined up on a double yellow line. I know a doubting thomas or those of a sceptical nature will claim this picture is in some way manufactured, doctored mayhap by adobe photoshop 2.5 or some other such slight of hand contrivance but I tell you now, without let or hinderence sirs, that this is not the case. These sticks were exactly like this when I found them, in the road outside my local park. So you can imagine my merriment when I write you this email. Indeed what a day.

Yes indeed a day of much stick finding wonderment. Thank you Amelia for sharing not only these fine pictures of found sticks but also your memories and explanation of sticks you have found for us here at Found A Stick.

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