Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sticks 13,14 and 15

George Smethurst of Sunderland England found three sticks within a few minutes of each other down by the railway line at the back of his house. This veritable stick finding bonanza he credits to the recent stormy weather but we here at Found A Stick put down to the most wonderful luck. He could not decide which of the trio of found sticks to submit so he sent us all three for us to decide and we think all three are worthy of inclusion, each for it's own reason. Firstly the above stick has clearly been played with by a dog, witness the chew marks in the middle. So our first Dog Stick here at Found A Stick.

This next found stick is only the second to feature a forked end here at Found A Stick but the first to have said fork at the left end (the previous example has it's on the right.)

And lastly easily the biggest stick so far, by the looks of this beauty you could easily fend off an attack from a rabid moongoose with ease. Thanks George for sharing your triple stick find.

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