Sunday, 27 December 2009

A correction to a mistaken mistake we unmistakenly mistook

We never ever make mistakes here at the Stick Foundation located at the Stick Foundry home of Found A Stick but we do sometimes make mistakes. We are deeply honoured and not a great deal amazed to have received a correspondence on the subject of a mistake we mistakenly mistook recently from none other than the legend in his own lunchtime, Professor Mucus Plug who, we are sure, you all have knowledge in the knowing of as, is the world’s leading authority. Some others with even more knowing stuff inside their heads might also recognise him as the award losing author of the worst selling reference books Urbane Myths for the Condescending Gentleman, volumes 1 to 73. Professor Plug has found a mistake we mistakenly mistook on the Stick 32 post and has kindly dropped us a line not only to point out the error of our erroneous ways but, as is his generously gracious and graciously generous habit, to offer the correct correction of the mistake we have so unmistakably mistook and in doing so taking it away from the dark place of wrongness and delivered it up into the shiny bright land of rightness in the wink of an eye.
Professor Plug is, as we have already noted a few lines above this line, the world’s leading authority so we bow to his spectacular knowledge in everything ever and then some (except for the mating rituals of Aardvarks of which he has often and repeatedly and consistently and insistently insisted that he has absolutely no interest in, in the slightest). Over to you Professor Plug.

A rare photograph of Professor Mucus Plug seen here working from home
Dear sirs.
While going about my daily business of monitoring everything important, and then some, I could not help but notice a small but big mistake in your recent posting posted upon this place that you post things. Specifically this mistake of which I speak of here in and forthwith is within your post titled Stick 32 in which you do opinion that the name of the young bespectacled wizard you have mistaken called Dennis Potter is named Dennis Potter but in fact and to my extensive knowledge which is extensive, the name of the young bespectacled wizard actually is instead Harold Potter, he being the central character in a series of children’s books by the author JFK Rowling. JFK Rowling is for reasons totally unconnected with the finding of sticks, a fascinating woman and after extensive research on my part, with plenty of referencing, cross referencing and really cross referencing, I can impart the following cold stone facts about the fascinating woman whose name is JFK Rowling and those stone cold facts are as follows:

JFK Rowling literally shot to fame starring as herself in the 1985 Kevin Costner film JFK about her early life working in a Dallas book depository warehouse near a grassy knoll directed by her then husband Oliver Rowling Stone. (Mr. Costner won the Best Use Of An Overhead Projector In A Film Oscar for his part in this motion picture before turning his back on acting to become a choreographer and opening a dance school for wild animals out west somewhere). Meanwhile JFK was so inspired by her own story as portrayed by herself in this film that she decided then and then to become a famous author of children’s books under the nom de plume Beatrix Potter. Her books Peter Rabbit And The Philosopher’s Carrot and Peter Rabbit And The Chamber Of Carrots became immediate moderate sellers. This period of her life was also portrayed in motion picture form but this time as three films starring RenĂ©e Zellweger and Keanu Reeves. The Beatrix Trilogy (The Beatrix, The Beatrix Reloaded and The Beatrix Revolutions) were box office smashes and yet JFK was so uninspired by her own story as portrayed in these three films (and also displeased with Zellweger's performance of herself) that she decided then and then to drop the Beatrix Potter name and start again this time writing children’s books under her real name of JFK Rowling. (Though she gives a sly nod to her former nom de plume by using the name Potter for her new central character.) Which brings us neatly back to the Harold Potter books which have become so successful that in one day alone they sold more copies in the Milton Keynes branch of Asda than there are giraffes on the planet (and there are a lot of giraffes on the planet). The books have also been made into films starring the Olympic marathon runner Paula Radcliffe as Harold Potter and jazz saxophonist Robbie Coltrane as Miss.Tiggy-Winkle. Having finished writing the Harold Potter books JFK is currently at a bit of a loose end but I am confident that this fascinating (for reasons totally unconnected with finding sticks) woman will soon enough involve herself in something that is not writing Harold Potter Books and so long as it is not something to do with the mating rituals of aardvarks (which I wish to go on record here and categorically state I personally have absolutely no interest in at all) I will turn a vaguely interested eye to I have no doubt.

All the best
Mucus Plug
P.S. I keep meaning to find a stick for you but have been horrendously busy of late working on my definitive history of usherettes, but I will get round to finding a stick for you soon I am sure. Keep up the good work.
Well thank you Professor for taking time out from your busy horrendousness to send in your world's leading authoritative account of the life of JFK Rowling in connection to our original mistake we mistaken mistook in our before now posting. She is indeed a fascinating woman even though this fascinating is totally unconnected with the stick finding purposes of this blog, it was an honour and joy for us to be enlightened by enlightenment by the world's leading authority.

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