Saturday, 5 December 2009

Stick 29

Jamie Mottram of Hastings England has found a stick and has brought up an uninteresting point he wishes clarification on. Well Jamie with such a robust stick share as this who are we not to clarify an uninteresting point for you as per your wish.
I found this fine stick on the path leading to the cliff tops. I have noticed that while some of the featured found sticks here at Found A Stick have been photographed, I assume in the moment of blessed discovery, other of the featured found sticks here at Found A Stick have obviously been captured for stick finding posterity slightly further down the temporal stream post finding wise. I at first attempted to capture a visual image of the stick I had found in situ so to speak only to find, much to my understandable chagrin, that said found stick that I had found did not show up against the ground on which it lay. A moment of confounded perplexation hung above my head like a dark cloud of confounded perplexation but I then noticed a discarded and sodden periodical, possible a newspaper. (Though whether of local or national variety and with a daily, weekly or maybe fortnightly nature I cannot say because I did not investigate further in this matter. Is that frightfully amiss of me?) I moved the stick from it's cradle of discovery and placed it boldly where you see it boldly placed in my picture and this time...well you can see the results for yourselves I am confident of that. But it was only later when I was at home eating some fine hobnobs and drinking a mint chocolate Options beverage that doubts started to cross my mind of the legitimacy of my moving the stick in the way that I had. Recalling recent unforgetable found sticks such as Susan's stick with white circle painted beneath and Amelia's breathtaking triple stick on double yellow lines it suddenly occurred to me that my photograph of a found stick atop the sodden periodical, possibly a newspaper (the unknown providence of which has already discussed at some length by myself above so I will not waste words on that side issue once more at this very moment in time) could be a matter of some misunderstanding the likes of which I had no wanting to experience. I worried that my placing and further photographing of my found stick upon the sodden periodical , possibly a newspaper (for the unknown providence issues involved I direct you to my first interjection) may have been misconstrued as an attempt to garner some misplaced glory from both Susan's and Amelia's amazing stick finds along the lines of "oh, Susan found a stick with a white circle beneath and Amelia found found three sticks upon a double yellow line, well look here at my fine stick found a top atop a periodical, possibly a newspaper."(See first interjection for more details) This was never my intent sirs I tell you this now. I did not find a stick upon a sodden periodical, possibly a newspaper (details above) but found the stick that I found nearby and then moved the found stick to where it is situated in the photograph for the practical reasons laid out above.
Which brings me to my point that I wish to have clarification upon. Are there any rules to be followed when it comes to submitting a picture to Found A Stick?
Well Jamie there are absolutely no hard and fast rules pertaining to pictures of found sticks submitted to us here at Found A Stick. There are however some hard and fast rules pertaining to pictures submitted to us here at Found A Stick and they are as follows:
1. It must be a found stick.
2. It must be made of wood.
So Jamie we hope that has brought the clarification to your uninteresting point as you wished. A big thank you for sharing your found stick with us and a much smaller thank you for sharing your un-understandable concerns with us all at such wonderfully unwarranted great length. Your words were the source of literally seconds of non verbal, shrug driven debate here at Found A Stick and for that we are most appreciative.

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